Records You’ll Need to Show Your Lawyer for your Medical Malpractice Case

medical malpractice caseMedical malpractice is a difficult but not impossible case to prove. You will need to schedule an appointment with a Torrance medical malpractice lawyer to receive a settlement. Your lawyer will need to see various documents and forms that will help you provide your case. These are some of the items you’ll need to show the attorney:

Medical Bills

The Torrance CA medical malpractice attorney will need to see the medical bills you have pertaining to your malpractice case. He or she will need charts, discharge paperwork, diagnostic notes and the like. The attorney will also need to see your medical bills to help create the compensation request figure.

Proof of Wages Lost

Another set of documents you’ll need to show your Torrance CA medical malpractice lawyer is proof of lost work wages. The attorney can ask that the courts make the offending party reimburse you for any wages you lost because of your inability to work. You may have to produce a copy of your disability statement or something along those lines.

Insurance Documents

Bring your insurance documents so that the attorney can see how much coverage you have, how much you have to pay each month for the coverage and how much the insurance company paid the hospital for your care. All those documents will be used to create a calculation for you.

Contact an Attorney if You Need Help

Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with a reliable personal injury attorney. The attorney will take your case very seriously, and he or she will let you know if it’s valid enough to win you a settlement. Stearns & Ryan Lawyers is a reliable firm with a Torrance medical malpractice attorney who can help you. You can call today to set up a time to talk.