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Going through a divorce can be painful, especially if you have children. In divorce cases, child custody is always based on the best interests of the child or children. Furthermore, the preference of the child is also considered. However, you must hire a knowledgeable Los Angeles child custody attorney who understands the law and is prepared to fight for you and your child.  Mr. Stearns has special expertise in this area as he is appointed by several judges in Los Angeles County to represent children as a Minor’s Counsel in high conflict child custody cases.

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Child custody refers to the legal guardianship of any child who is under eighteen years of age. The majority of child custody cases are resolved without major conflict and result in one parent being granted visitation rights, while the other parent gains physical guardianship. However, custody is usually determined based on the ability of each parent to raise the child or children. In certain extreme cases, if a parent is deemed unfit, he or she may be denied visitation rights altogether.

Following are some reasons a parent may be denied custody or visitation:

  • A parent has abused the child
  • A parent has neglected the child
  • A parent has placed the child in a dangerous situation
  • A parent has threatened removal of the child from the state
  • A parent has abused drugs or alcohol

One of the biggest challenges of family court is determining who should be granted custody of a child. As a Los Angeles child custody attorney can explain to you, child custody may be petitioned by the following individuals:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Step-parents
  • Any other person who believes he or she can provide the child with suitable care and guidance

However, in determining custody, California courts will first attempt to grant custody jointly to both parents. If this is not possible, custody will be granted to a single parent first before considering other petitioners. Ultimately, child custody cases are about placing children with the person who can provide them with the best home, care, and guardianship. Due to the complicated procedures involved in family law, you must retain an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney if you are going through a divorce.

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