Construction Defect

Construction Defect Attorneys in Santa Monica and Torrance CA

A construction defect is a condition in a building or home that diminishes the value of that building, or creates unsafe and potentially dangerous conditions. These defects typically relate to an unsound foundation due to improper grading, water damage due to poor construction, a developer’s or contractor’s failure to build according to plans, poor workmanship, or use of incorrect or substandard materials. Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan is a law firm experienced in handling such matters.

To properly represent a client in these matters, Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan works with a team of engineers, architects, and contractors to assist in the evaluation of your claim, so that we can properly advise and represent you. We have handled cases involving:

  • Civil and structural engineering errors
  • Poor waterproofing design and systems
  • Improper drainage or soil preparation
  • Inadequate supervision or sequencing
  • Non-compliance with City approvals and plans
  • Use of defective building materials
  • Inadequate grading/landscaping causing slippage and other damage
  • Mold and dry rot
  • Inferior plumbing


We will assist you in compiling the information we need to represent you and handle your claim. Information and evidence that can and will assist are:

  • Pictures of the problem
  • Architectural/construction/engineering plans
  • Receipts from material and supply purchases
  • Copies of your, your Homeowner’s Association’s, or contractor’s insurance policies
  • Names and contact information of your contractor, architect, materials supplier, City representative
  • Emails and any other communications that relate to your case

If you believe you have a claim, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have taken these fights to developers, contractors, Homeowner Associations, and their insurance companies to the overwhelming satisfaction of our clients. We would love to help you if you need our assistance.