Do I Need an Attorney to File a Product Defect Claim?

attorney for product defect claimYes, you need an attorney to file a product defect claim. A Torrance product defect claim lawyer from Stearns & Ryan Lawyers will explain to you your options and make sure you get compensated as required and walk away satisfied.

Below are steps to a product defect claim and how our Torrance personal injury attorney will help you with a claim.

  1. Explain How the Product Defect Resulted to Your Injury

Sustaining an injury from a product defect warrants you compensation. Manufacturers and distributors are liable for putting defective products in the market.

However, you must identify the defect in the product and explain how it led to the injury. Only this way will our Torrance personal injury lawyer have a successful product liability claim.

  1. Identify the Type Of Liability

Below are the three types of liability cases you can file against a manufacturer:

  • Strict Liability: In this liability claim, you must show that the defect in the product that resulted to the injury exists. If it exists, the manufacturer is strictly liable for any damages.
  • Negligence: In this case, you have to show how you sustained an injury from the design or the manufacture of the product. You must also show that the manufacturer had a duty to produce a safe product.
  • Breach of Warranty: From the manufacturer’s two warranties, if either is breached, one can pursue a claim for injuries. They include the express warranty — which is provided in the form of marketing documents, or implied warranty — which is a promise by the manufacturer that the product is safe to use.

Three types of product defects result in product liability cases. They include manufacturing, design, and improper/lack of warning defects.

At Stearns & Ryan Lawyers, we ensure that your case is heard and compensated accordingly. Contact us today if you have any claims to get the best Torrance defective product attorney to represent your case.