Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home abuseNursing home abuse is a common occurrence, according to National Council on Aging. More than 5 million elders experience abuse in nursing homes and other environments each year. It’s crucial that you keep in touch with a senior relative who is spending time in a nursing home and watch for the signs of nursing home abuse. A Torrance personal injury attorney may be able to help your loved one receive compensation if abuse is proven. The following are some of the signs to look out for:

Rapid Weight Loss

Your loved one may need protection from a Torrance personal injury lawyer if he or she loses weight at an alarmingly fast rate. The weight loss could be happening because your precious relative is not receiving enough food or drink to stay healthy.

Emotional Inconsistencies

You might notice that your beloved family member seems unusually withdrawn. He or she may also be edgy, irritable or fearful when you come to visit. You can suspect possible nursing home abuse if this type of behavior is out of the norm for that relative. A personal injury attorney in Torrance CA can help if that person is experiencing mistreatment at a facility.


You should definitely contact a Torrance nursing home abuse attorney if you see the physical signs of an injury on your loved one. These include bruises, scrapes, cuts, marks and the like. Investigate further if something seems off about the staff’s explanation. You might even want to investigate a little bit if your loved one seems distressed when telling the story. Your relative might be scared to tell you the truth about what happened.

What to Do to Get Help

Contact Stearns & Ryan Lawyers if you think someone you love has been harmed inside of a nursing home facility. There’s virtually no risk in speaking to someone, and the outcome can be quite favorable.