Am I Allowed to Request a Paternity Test?

paternity testThere may come a time when you wonder about the paternity of your child. You may be a presumed father who wants to protect himself or a mother who would like to seek benefits for your child. Either way, you have a right to request a paternity test. A Torrance family law attorney can assist you if you need one.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is necessary for two reasons. For one, the paternity test will ensure that the child receives everything he or she is entitled to by law. Secondly, it protects the father’s rights to his child. Either parent can request a paternity test, and a Torrance family lawyer can assist with any necessary requests for child support, custody or visitation.

How to Establish Paternity

A Torrance family law firm can help either parent file a petition with the courts to conduct a paternity test. The test may be taken by blood or saliva samples from the alleged father and child. Once the test establishes paternity, the laws will protect all parties involved. An alleged father can sign a declaration of paternity at any time, as well.

What to Do if You Need Help

A family law attorney in Torrance CA can assist if any issues arise getting a paternity test. A firm like Stearns & Ryan Lawyers can also help in situations where one of the parents is trying to avoid the legal responsibility of child support or visitation. A reliable family law attorney can assist with court-ordered visitation modifications, as well. The first step toward getting help is to contact the law office and request a consultation. An attorney will take information about the case and then help the client to get the resolution that he or she desires. The price for representation will be discussed at that time.