A Step-by-Step Guide to Filing for Child Custody in California

filing a child custodyThe first step the laws of California require is for there to be an open family law case.  This case must be open within the superior court of the county you currently reside in.  Once there is an open family law case with your county’s superior court you may complete the petition for custody directions. 

Asking for Orders of Child Custody

In order to ask for an order of child custody, the following must be true: 

The couple is married and asking for separation, annulment or divorce. After the case is open in family law one parent may ask for custody/visitation orders. A temporary custody/visitation order is also asked for at this time. 

One parent has survived the domestic violence abuse of the other and has a restraining order. 

If the person is unmarried nor a registered domestic partner a paternity case must be opened. Once it is opened custody/visitation orders may be requested to determine who will retain custody of child/ren. 

Filing for Legal Custody

Legal custody is asking for the right to make all decisions regarding how the child/ren is brought up.  This includes where the child/ren will live, their medical care, education, and religious choices. 

Certain factors such as domestic violence, child neglect, and substance abuse are influencing factors deciding legal custody.

Legal joint custody is when both parents are equally responsible for their child’s welfare and upbringing. 

Hiring Legal Counsel

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