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Stearns & Ryan Lawyers, experienced in Real Estate
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Stearns & Ryan Lawyers, experienced in Civil Litigation
Stearns & Ryan Lawyers, experienced in Trusts, Estates, and Probate
Stearns & Ryan Lawyers, experienced in Corporate / Business Affairs
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Stearns & Ryan Lawyers, experienced in Medical Malpractice
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A Los Angeles Litigation & Transaction Firm

For the past 30 years, Stearns & Ryan Lawyers have earned a reputation in the South Bay area and greater Los Angeles as a premier law firm in the areas of litigation and transactions. The firm is renowned for its litigation and transactional work in real estate, business, family law, and estate matters.

Selected to Southern California Super Lawyers.

Ryan E. Stearns

Ryan E. Stearns Partner

Real Estate, Corporate/Business Affairs, Family Law, Trusts & Estates

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(310) 793-9570

Harry J. Kim

Harry J. Kim
(1936-2021) Partner

Real Estate, Corporate/Business Affairs, Trust & Estates

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(310) 793-9570

Michael J. Ryan

Michael J. Ryan Partner

Civil Litigation, Construction Defect, Real Estate, Personal Injury

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(310) 424-1424

Kathleen R. Choe

Kathleen R. Choe Associate

Family Law, Civil Litigation

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(310) 793-9570

Davina Dawson

Davina Dawson Associate

Civil Litigation, Family Law

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(310) 793-9570

Flore Farrace

Anna M. Schneider

Anna M. Schneider Of Counsel

Trusts, Estates, and Probate

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(310) 793-9570

Our lawyers

Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in their practice areas, resulting in clients throughout Los Angeles and other parts of the United States requesting their service and representation.

Real Estate

Stearns & Ryan Lawyers represent South Bay and greater Los Angeles businesses and individuals in the purchase, sale, leasing and financing of residential and commercial real estate.

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Family Law

Stearns & Ryan Lawyers experience in Family Law extends into all areas--spousal and child support, child custody and visitation, property division, and attorney's fees.

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Civil Litigation – Personal Injury

Stearns & Ryan Lawyers represent clients in multiple areas of civil litigation, litigating conflicts between opposing parties, whether they be individuals, groups, businesses or government entities.

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Trusts, Estates, and Probate

Stearns & Ryan Lawyers help you establish wills, trusts, healthcare directives, durable powers of attorney and other estate planning components that can ensure your legacy plays out as you intend. The firm also litigates disputes in those areas.

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Corporate/Business Affairs

Stearns & Ryan Lawyers help small- to mid-sized businesses take root and grow in the Los Angeles area, and brings the added benefits of knowing when and how to litigate when push comes to shove.

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Stearns & Ryan Lawyers advises and litigates for employers and employees in areas of class action, wage and hour claims, discrimination, and compliances in addition to other areas.

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Medical Malpractice

With the assistance of a team of medical professionals, Stearns & Ryan Lawyers thoroughly evaluate medical malpractice claims, and pursues its cases to obtain the maximum compensation possible for its clients who are the victims of doctor/medical negligence.

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Construction Defect

When a contractor or developer provides construction services, they are required to render the services in accordance with the terms of the agreement and in a workmanlike manner. Stearns & Ryan Lawyers have a team that evaluates and litigates all claims regarding such services which rendered at the standard the law requires.

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Our Recent & Past Accomplishments

Civil & Real Estate Litigation

  • Defense judgment for client developer on $23 million personal injury claim.
  • Defense counsel on Federal class action dismissed at pleadings stage on $10 million to $30 million fraud claim.
  • Publicly traded company to pay high six figures in confidential settlement to former employees for past due wages and attorney’s fees and costs incurred.
  • Seller of commercial property ordered to specifically perform and sell commercial property to buyer valued in excess of $3 million.
  • Successfully defend individuals accused of aiding and abetting securities Ponzi scheme–$3.5 million in damages sought.
  • Verdict for children of mother wrongfully killed by step father. Clients awarded marital estate, and punitive damages.

Estates & Trust Litigation

  • Child of deceased parent to receive additional $1 million in dispute with charity over interpretation of will. Charity contended client entitled to zero.
  • Establish that child of deceased parent unduly influenced that parent prior to death to leave entire estate to that child, resulting in estate going to other sibling.

Family Law

  • Succeed in terminating spousal support from a long-term marriage–$26,000 per month to zero.
  • Successfully defend claim of parental alienation, with court ordering accuser to pay client’s attorney’s fees and costs.
  • Establish that business claimed to be separate property by spouse was community property, resulting in $2 million award to client.
  • Successfully defend judgment from being set aside on claim of fraud and duress following 8 day trial with client retaining approximately $60 million in assets awarded under judgment.

Medical Malpractice

  • Prominent high hospital to pay family for wrongful death of child in confidential settlement.

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